On not reading

What should a bookwitch do when she doesn’t feel like reading? Or up to reading?

Reading is for me the last thing to go. Usually. Hoovering and cleaning your teeth (ew) are easy to not do. If I feel off-colour and decide to take the day off, reading tends to be what I choose to do. If bed rest isn’t required, sitting somewhere comfortable with a book is about the best occupation for a witch.

I generally justify any slacking by telling myself that at least I will get through a lot of books, which is both useful and enjoyable.

But I have to admit to having stared at my books in recent weeks, and felt too tired, and simply continued to sit there, doing nothing. Doing nothing has been pretty much flavour of the month. Very restful.

I have read. Just not much. And I’ve been reading ahead, which means that there isn’t necessarily a blog post in it. Yet, anyway.

My current book seems promising, so I’m thinking I can fill some hours on the train over the next couple of days by reading. (I’m not travelling home with Muriel! I sent her back with the Resident IT Consultant.)

2 responses to “On not reading

  1. Why don’t you try a debut author to revive your appetite? Meanwhile I find struggling with a crossword so exhausting reading becomes a wonderful rest thereafter 🙂

  2. 🙂 Who would you recommend?

    Yes, that old technique of making yourself worse by doing something else is always good. I’m hoping to be back to normal soon. I found I was even hungry in the small hours this morning, and I’ve not felt like that for weeks.

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