The end is nigh(er)

It’s beginning to look like we might move house soon. Except by saying this I will have jinxed it completely. And I mean move out. No moving in. One thing at a time.

One recent evening I sat down and thought about our belongings. I felt I couldn’t sleep before I’d carefully considered how much we still have and how to bring the volume of it all down, and where did I go wrong in the first place?

So I was pleased to find I could offload one larger item to a friendly local author. (They can be so useful.) Marnie Riches – for it was she – came round to inspect said item, before inviting the Resident IT Consultant and me to lunch at Dead Beryl’s (you won’t have heard of her), and it was very nice.

Spring had properly sprung and it was warm and sunny and generally nice. It’s good to have food put in front of you, and pleasant to find other people have the kind of books on their shelves that you like and feel are comfortably familiar. The junior Riches were capable of asking ‘may they leave the table’ in Swedish, which I feel is a lovely party trick.

Most of you won’t know Marnie well. Yet. She has a crime novel looking for a publisher, and I’ll have to eat my broom if it doesn’t do well.

Some of you will get to know her better once Sarah Beeny has helped make her house bigger. (I knew there’d be a drawback to Marnie taking that item off my hands!) I can’t wait to see the results. Mainly of the house, but a little bit the television programme.

And then I’ll need a house myself. I wonder if there are television programmes that might help..?

One response to “The end is nigh(er)

  1. Thanks for a lovely afternoon! I have a feeling the large and very special Bookwitch cast-off will feature heavily in the environmental abatement notice that I’m sure to be served, once the neighbours have really had enough of the Riches noise. But that’s a good thing.

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