The Great Moon Confusion

There once was a raccoon know-it-all. Aldrin ‘knew’ everything. Except he didn’t, of course. He even got a bit boring. Some of his friends listened to him with admiration, but bears Lovell and Hubble were far more interested in the night sky.

Richard Byrne, The Great Moon Confusion

They wanted to explain to Aldrin why the moon seemed to be getting smaller, all of a sudden, but when he wouldn’t let them, they went off on their own, leaving Aldrin to puzzle over what they were doing.

Stealing the moon, he thought, but in reality they built a huge telescope, so that all the animals in the wood could come and look at the moon.

Now, thanks to Richard Byrne, even I know about waning and waxing moons, and so does Aldrin. He also knows how many stars there are in the sky…


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