So that’s a definite fail, then

The internet is a wonderful thing. Sometimes.

I was reading this story, which I didn’t quite get. It was patchy in places and the brevity wasn’t only a thing of beauty, in my eyes. The end was unsatisfying, because I couldn’t tell what happened.

It was just a story, so who cares? But it wouldn’t leave me, so after squinting at it a little longer, I worked out that if the penultimate word had a u exchanged for an o, it would make much more sense. So maybe it was a typo?

Rather than going the long way via the publisher I emailed the author (whom I don’t know at all), because you can, when you find them online, and amazingly I had an almost instant reply.

Yippee? Not really. The shortcoming was all mine. ‘No one else failed to get that.’ Not a typo. With the brief explanation provided I do see what is supposed to happen. I may be dense and a bit of an idiot – compared with everyone else – but I found that particular ending rather wet.

It’s a good thing we all have different tastes.


5 responses to “So that’s a definite fail, then

  1. I think that presuming that no else failed to get it was a bit of a reach. No one else asked seems more likely.

  2. That’s what I felt; I asked, because I was interested. Anthologies are good, as they can get you started on someone new.
    Or not.

  3. That’s sort of reply is tantamount to cyber-nicknaming you “Thicky”, really, isn’t it? What was the word that needed an “o”?

  4. Shouting. Would have been much better as shooting.
    Well, at least the author wasn’t going to provide empty praise to secure me as a fan for life. Honesty should be appreciated.

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