That’s good. Really good.

I’m beginning to dread good books. I mean, I love finding them, and reading them. But I find it so hard to do them justice in a review. I suspect it’s because I so want to bring out the very best from the book into my review so that people will not only enjoy reading the review, but will have their coats on ready to go and buy the book.

Other subjects that matter less I have no problem with at all. I suppose it’s the same as with anything that people want very much. You sort of freeze and can’t do whatever it is.

Sometimes I have to sit down and write the review within minutes of finishing the book. On other occasions I wait, just to get some perspective on what I’ve read. And I can’t decide which is best.

Occasionally the timing is out of my hands; I either need the review immediately, or circmstances force me to wait so long I feel far too removed from the book to do it justice.

Maybe I should resort to stars or numbers. Five stars would indicate that while the review doesn’t whet your appetite for the book, you will at least know I rated it highly.

The downside to that is when you need to give a book two stars. Or if all books get four or five, then a five-star rating is really only a two-star system and nothing truly atrocious ever makes it onto the pages of Bookwitch. Which is true, since anything really bad only gets an anonymus mention, and only if I feel I must, because I’d run out of pins.


2 responses to “That’s good. Really good.

  1. Very similar thoughts on all this. I’d advise against the stars. I do go to a few sites that seem to demand them, but I view them as a corrupting force. Personally, I’d rather come to your blog and see what you had to say about a book than see your star rating.

  2. Thank you. I’ll stick with ‘this is a good book.’ Occasionally add a threat if people don’t immediately read it.

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