Happy Birthday, Royal Baby!

If they hadn’t obligingly brought out this royal baby birthday picture book just in time for the royal witch’s important day, I might have sighed a little. You know, like it’s not Prince George’s birthday until July, and will they publish a new book every year? And so on.

Martha Mumford and Ada Grey, Happy Birthday, Royal Baby!

But just as I rather enjoyed  Martha Mumford’s celebration of little George’s birth last summer, this is fun. The Palace is in upheaval, just to make this a marvellous experience for the little Prince.

His Auntie has a lot of party ideas, and the rest of the family pitch in. You can just see how the poor boy will be overwhelmed by all this fantastic-ness.

Great Grandma has the solution, however, when all else has failed. Naturally.

Those Olympics people have a lot to answer for. That woman will be parachuting out of flying contraptions for years, if no one sees fit to let her rest.

Prince George is no different – well, not much – from other one-year-olds, really.

Sweet royal illustrations by Ada Grey. She has caught everyone just so.


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