Meeting the next big thing?

You know when there is a train strike and you end up with two hours to kill in Malmö? That’s what happened to Daughter and me yesterday. And me being me I had emailed the next big name in Scandi thrillers to come and meet us to while away the time.* This is him.

Andreas Norman

Andreas Norman is far too diplomatic to say he couldn’t, so suggested we meet at Starbucks (did you know they have about three Starbucks in Sweden and that makes them special and unique? It was nice…) at the station. After all, he had to have lunch somewhere. Might as well be with us. (He wasn’t quite as much of an old fogey as Daughter had been visualising.)

We arrived early, after saying we’d be late, so had time to case the joint and to buy drinks. This dealt with the possible embarrassment of deciding who would pay for what. (They are very fair-minded in Sweden.) Andreas bought a difficult-to-eat-while-you-talk sandwich, but I have promised not to publish any photos of him stuffing himself.

Starbucks lunch

I’d asked for twenty minutes and kept him talking for an hour. Because it was so nice to sit there and chat. It will morph into a proper interview, given enough time. Wrong language, of course, so I will have to see about a translation. (That’s what got me into this in the first place.**)

Once he’d eaten and I’d stopped asking questions, Andreas politely inquired when our train was, so we picked up our suitcases and went to look for a way to cross That Bridge. (No dead bodies.)

*I didn’t really ask him to come and help pass the time. I had requested an interview in a reasonably normal way.

**I need to declare an interest here. Andreas Norman’s debut thriller – Into A Raging Blaze – which is published by Quercus next month, has been translated by Son of Bookwitch. That’s not why I like it. It’s purely the way I was introduced to the book, which makes for a marvellous read. After Monday’s interview, I also reckon I understand better why I like it. And I think you will, too. Like it, I mean.


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