Old, and not much fun

I unsubscribed a publisher’s monthly email not long ago. I surprised even me by doing that. I thought long and hard about it and then decided that I stand to lose very little. They don’t send me much based on those emails, because I rarely find anything I want to ask for. They either send me books anyway, or I email specifically regarding a book I have heard about some other way.

Most publishers have moved to ‘blogger newsletters’ of some kind. Some are still reasonably nice and normal, but many now look like what I’m copying and pasting below. And I feel I’m too old for this. I’m wondering whether to unsubscribe more of them.

There is nothing wrong in just emailing lists of new books, with instructions on how to request copies. I don’t need competitions, where ‘us bloggers’ fight each other for the number of review copies set aside for ‘bloggers.’ (We are too numerous. I quite understand.)

“Helllooo Bloggers! Attennnntion xxx fans! …is finallllyyy here… unputedownable (sic)  And it’s a whole lotta book!  …which I shall send your way sooonn!”

(Apologies to the publicist whose oeuvre I have borrowed. You are not alone, nor the worst. Just the most recent, so I had it to hand.)

I suspect there must be another kind of mailing list, with a somewhat modified newsletter sent out to ‘real reviewers.’ I will not grovel any more and ask to be allowed to be part of that list. I have tried in the past and it got me nowhere.

I’m not a party girl at heart, or anywhere else, for that matter. And when it comes to this kind of thing, I strongly believe I am not a ‘blogger’ either. I’m not sure what I am, apart from old and really very boring.

Blog pooper.


7 responses to “Old, and not much fun

  1. I had an uncomfortable experience a short time ago where I was asking for a review copy from a publisher not because I expect to get things for free, but because I had been given the link by the author to do so. It ended up leading me to have to sign in to a third party’s site, and in the end my request was denied because I hadn’t somehow filled out the form in the way they thought appropriate. Frankly, the whole thing was insulting, and I told them as much. They ended up sending me an e-galley in a fairly condescending way, and I read and reviewed the book. But it all left a bad taste in my mouth, which I obviously haven’t completely gotten over.

  2. I stopped feeling guilty when I worked out that the cost of a proof must be fairly low, even when you add postage, and compared to paid for advertising and as long as no one at the publishers spends too much time on any requests, it must be quite cheap. Like, stop arguing with Seana. I also dislike the condition that if sent a book, you must review it. I’d have thought they’d rather not have a bad review as much as I’d rather stop reading the bad book and pick something better.

  3. Yes, when you consider that I was only requesting an ebook, it really doesn’t make much sense at all.

    But yes, to the world at large, it is always better to stop arguing with me than to continue.

  4. Not boring. Never, ever boring.

  5. Well done for unsubscribing from that nonnnnnseeeeense!!!

  6. Calm yourself!!!!!

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