A moving account

This is your second-hand witch speaking to you. (Blogging, really, but you knew that.)

We moved in yesterday. Well, the furniture moved in, and when it had done so there was no room for us, so we are biding our time until such a moment that we have cut a path through the house.

And because of this, as you already know very well, I am not swanning around the Manchester Children’s Book Festival. The lovely people there have their own blog and you can read what they get up too. They have said I can borrow their photos, so I shall jolly well do so, and here are some of them. Doesn’t it look like they are having a good time?

Curtis Jobling started off the whole book festival and I can see he’s up to his normal tricks, cartooning away. He looks a little hairier than last time, but the man does write werewolf books.

Author of the Wereworld Series and Illustrator of Bob the Builder Sketches a Bob-the-Builder-Turned-Werewolf

These two people I always ‘manage to avoid.’ No matter how many festivals they and I go to, we never coincide. I’m in despair, actually. Who wouldn’t want to be dazzled by the very pretty Sarah McIntyre, and the almost as pretty Philip Reeve?

Authors of 'Oliver and the Seawigs' - Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre and the Sea Monkeys

As for avoiding, you can see what the green bear is doing, can’t you? He’s got James Draper on his blind side, which in effect must mean James wasn’t there at all.

Festival Director James Draper and Humphrey the Hospital Bear

Iris Feindt and Livi Michael look like they think it’s their festival. That they can play on the furniture. (Oh, I suppose it’s all right.)


And my blogging colleague Kevin with – the to me – unknown lady passenger is having a fun time, too.


Kaye and Claudia are posing with two lovely St John Ambulance men (the Resident IT Consultant was also unavailable, for the same reason as the witch). I do hope they weren’t needed. SJA, not Kaye and Claudia. They are always needed.


That path I mentioned before? I reckon the best thing would be to burn all the books. There can be no earthly reason for us keeping all those books. The boys from Tillicoultry clearly thought so, as they staggered in with thousands of book boxes. (I swear – pardon – they must have been breeding in storage. The books. Not the Tillicoultry boys.)

(I – probably – didn’t mean that. I am just in a jealous mood, festival-wise, and wishing I could see my new house for boxes full of books. My heart is in Manchester. Which is an odd phrase, but why not?)

8 responses to “A moving account

  1. Bookwitch – every time I introduce an author, I glance up across the audience expecting to see you there, sitting at the front, or at the back in cases where you’ve been asked to move. I’ve been wearing socks with the days of the week on so I know when I am and no-one is interested in taking pictures of them, even if I roll my trousers up and stand on my head. We miss you. Hopefully you’ll have come to your senses and moved back here in time for our 2015 festival. Did I say 2015? Oh – I might have let something slip there… James. X

    • James, James, I didn’t even dare mention your socks. How I miss them.
      It’s the back I’m not sitting at. Not not at the front.
      2015??? Oohhh.

  2. I keep missing Sarah McIntyre, too. Perhaps you should persuade them to come to the Bath Kids Lit festival, then come and join them!
    Glad to hear that you (or at least the furniture) have moved in, though. How many years do you expect it to take before all the books are unpacked?

    • I think they are. But I’m not. Probably not.
      Depends on whether someone comes and makes bookshelves for us. We had to leave many of them behind, and need new ones on new walls. How are you on woodworking? (Resistant materials, as it’s called in schools.)

  3. Hm. I suspect I’d want a little more than just splinters.

  4. Love the photos. Thanks so much for recommending ‘Shadow Girl’. Ooh, what a glorious ending. When she went upstairs and came back down with you know what. Fabulous. Thank you.

  5. Moving. You made me cry a little again.

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