What next?

Who Next?

Who Next..? A guide to children’s authors. Is a book like that useful? To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I have rarely called on it to help me, even though I bought it with my own money, a number of years ago. I have no cause to disagree with its advice. I just don’t refer to it.

This could be because I know it ‘all’ or I’m lazy, or simply that my reading world spins so fast I have no time to check on the suggestions it offers. And there is the other problem of time; the time that has passed since the list was compiled. Lists like these become antiquated sooner than you’d think. It won’t have the last two years’ worth of mustn’t-miss-authors, while suggesting you try X, who has not written anything new since they ended up in Who Next..?

My copy of this reader’s aid has always sat within easy reach, and still I’ve not used it. Is it me? Or do others also feel they will simply allow themselves to stumble upon their next book via other means?

In a way it competes with me. I spend my days telling people what I think they should read next. Not always saying ‘you enjoyed X, so do try Y’ but we tend to compare one book with something else we know, if only as a description.


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