Help yourself


Every time we went past to go to the beach, we saw the box on the side of the road. A box of books. Looking more carefully we saw the note which said ‘help yourself to a book.’ (I mean, ‘varsågod’.)

Books by the roadside

‘Do you want to stop and get one?’ said the Resident IT Consultant. The man has a sense of humour; I have to give him that.

What I really wanted was to look to see what they offered, and then to think about how I could do this at home. It seems so easy, just putting your books out as though they were homegrown tomatoes. Possibly without the honesty box for payment, however.


One Narnia, a horse book and the rest is crime, including one by the writer who called me an idiot. Yeah, get rid of that one!

You’ll need to keep track of when it rains.


8 responses to “Help yourself

  1. Little Free Libraries are getting kind of popular here–there are official looking ones and non official looking ones. There is a non-official one a block from my house, where I picked up an Ian McEwan and a couple of other things. A scarcity of books is not my particular problem, though.

  2. Oh, I forgot the link.

  3. iambatwomanyo

    people around here build what look like giant mail boxes and labeled them as a library. It’s working really nicely.

  4. Yes, I’d been wondering if I should – somehow – put a nice little box library thing out. I’d want it to be weather proof, though.

  5. And I’d rather not have people put books in, as my sole object – apart from wanting more readers to read – is to get rid of books. With my luck I’d get given more.

  6. Just discovered your ‘No-one else failed to get that’ post. How singular!

    Now wondering about sentences where Shouting and Shooting can be both used as the verb… I’m OCD that way.

  7. So am I. And I still think my solution is the better one.
    OH, sorry, it’s a noun, btw.

  8. Well, the Little Library started in Wisconsin, so there’s are bound to be. Weatherproof, that is.

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