Shadow of the Wolf

Robin Hood as you’ve never seen him before. Especially if the Robin you know best is a Disney fox.

Tim Hall has written a background for Robin that you couldn’t easily imagine without help. It’s even quite hard with what Tim has written. It is hard all over, in that the story is full of horror and cruelty. There was a point when I felt I’d had enough. The concept is interesting, to say the least, but I found the characters hard to like.

That will be why it was difficult to engage with all this, and I was disappointed, if not totally surprised, to discover that the last words are ‘to be continued.’

We meet a very young Robin and watch as he learns the ways of his world. There is a young Marian, and the most vicious Sheriff of Nottingham I have ever encountered. The story contains countless fantastical elements, which haven’t – yet – been explained, and which I felt were there to paper over some of the cracks caused by the plot developments.

The Sheriff behaves more and more irrationally and his cruelty seems endless. Robin is very skilled at what he does, but also still quite young. Marian is nothing like we have known before, and it would have been good to have seen a bit more of her, and perhaps a little less of Robin. The ‘Merry Men’ show some promise when at last they appear on the scene.

As I said, an interestingly different concept of something so familiar, and well written. Just hard to like.


2 responses to “Shadow of the Wolf

  1. Thank you for sticking up for this book. It’s natural for people to feel differently about things.

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