Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

Jessica Jenkins first became a little invisible in her double geography lesson. You know how it is. The lesson fails to grab your interest, so your mind drifts a bit and before you know it you are asleep. I mean, invisible.

Liz Kessler, Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

That’s what happens in Liz Kessler’s new book. It might look somewhat pink (though mostly blue) and girly, but you’d be wrong to dismiss it. Like all Liz’s books it is fun, and exciting, and an overall enjoyable story.

Whereas Jessica and her best friend Izzy first treat this new superpower as an opportunity for fun and to play tricks on people, it soon becomes more serious. Jessica isn’t the only one with new, sudden powers. She and Izzy have to work out how and why this has happened, and come up with some startling ideas, not to mention getting up to the kind of things best described as ‘don’t try this at home.’

As always with Liz, this is a story about friendship, which is why it leaves the reader with a deep glow of happiness, once the superpowers have been investigated and sorted out. A little romance, perhaps.

Many years after discovering Liz and her books, Daughter has yet to grow out of them. That appears to apply for me too.


One response to “Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

  1. This sounds like a cute read!

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