Night Sky Watcher

Night Sky Watcher

I’d want this book for Christmas if I was a little younger. Raman Prinja’s Night Sky Watcher is just the thing for children who want to know about planets and stars, and it’s just the kind of thing I feel would sit well on anyone’s Christmas wish list.

Because I’m a girl (well, I was) I have to start by pointing out how exciting the book looks, presented in a plastic folder kind of arrangement, complete with a silver zip to close it. More businesslike, while also having child appeal. And I suppose it would survive being taken out at night when you go to look at the stars. In case it rains. Except if it rains there is no clear night sky for the stars to twinkle down from. Oh well.

Night Sky Watcher

Raman is professor of Astrophysics at UCL, so he knows what he’s talking about which is always reassuring. I’m tempted to say that everything you’d want in a book like this is in there. Lots of information and masses of great photos. Little suggestions of what you can do and what to look for and things to make.

Night Sky Watcher

Aimed at the beginner’s end of taking an interest in astronomy, this is a book for younger children. It’d make a good place to start, and then you can work your way up to your own degree in Astrophysics if you feel so inclined. It’s what I’d have done if I’d been intelligent.


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