The fast PR

A book I recently read and reviewed proved a little hard to get hold of, initially. (That’s in contrast with all those unsolicited ones mentioned yesterday.) The main publicist was so busy that in the end she must have forgotten to send me the book. Or, her colleague in the office didn’t post it as requested. Or whatever.

Not wanting to keep chasing, I emailed someone more junior in the PR department. Well, no. First I remembered that the one I’d intended to write to had just left the company. Looked up who else worked for said publisher the last time I was in touch. Emailed.

Had the immediate automated response that she had now left the company, but to contact X or Y for help. I did.

Guess what! X had also left, but had a similar helpful list of contacts. I emailed one of them – Z – and had a lovely and prompt response, as well as a book in the post. Z was new to me, and I wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated her help.

When the review was up on the blog, I emailed her the link first thing, thanking her. But you know what happened, don’t you?

Yes. Z had now left the publisher…


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