Brace Mouth, False Teeth

Sita Brahmachari has written a dyslexia friendly story about Zeni, who ends up doing work experience at Magnolia Gardens Care Home. Nothing more exciting turned up, so this was a last resort for Zeni.

Sita Brahmachari, Brace Mouth, False Teeth

But like many things in life, her week with the old people at the home turns out rather differently than she had thought. It wasn’t boring. These people might be old and infirm now, but they were once younger and pretty normal, or even quite interesting people.

Zeni has just had a brace fitted, so spits a bit when she talks. Alice, the old lady she gets to look after, has false teeth. The wrong false teeth, or so she claims. But she has dementia, so no one really believes Alice. She was once a pretty cool shop assistant, selling perfume. Now she’s mainly old, but to her surprise Zeni finds she can make her laugh.

That’s on Alice’s good day.

There are several more ‘old characters’ at the home, as well as the staff and fellow work experience worker Joe, whose grandad has just come to live at the home. Together the two of them think of something to cheer the ‘inmates’ up. But will it work?

And is Alice right about her teeth?

(Since we seem to be talking diversity in books a lot these days; I reckon this is a good example. You don’t get that as much as you should.)


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