Jet Black Heart

Sinister. Chilling. Brrr. Jet Black Heart by Teresa Flavin for Barrington Stoke is definitely a pretty ‘grown-up’ and normal teen read, and as has happened on one such previous occasion, I was almost relieved that its dyslexia friendliness meant it was rather short. Phew, who am I kidding? Much more of this frightening stuff and I’d have run in the opposite direction.

It’s very, very good. Don’t misunderstand me. Just a wee bit on the scary side.

Teresa Flavin, Jet Black Heart

Holiday romances… They’re all the same, aren’t they? Can’t trust those pretty boys, or what they say.

Dory and her younger sister Gracie are on holiday, somewhere in Cornwall, I think. And we all know what Cornwall* is famous for; cliffs, storms at sea, romance, general doom.

Eli, the holiday romance, is lovely. Everything a girl could want. You’d do anything for a boy like that. Dory falls for him, in more ways than one. But she’s pretty astute, too, so fairly soon she works out that not all is well. But just as you think she’ll be safe, because of it, Teresa throws in a few more scary happenings. And another one.

Time travel, intrigue, and other chilling stuff. Lovely.

*That would be North Yorkshire, then…

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