Children’s Activity Atlas

The frill-necked lizard? I had no idea it existed. But apparently it does, somewhere in Australia. So even an old witch can learn new facts from a children’s book. In this case it’s another atlas; the Children’s Activity Atlas.

And it’s wonderful! It’s got stickers! Flags. They are actually flag stickers and you can stick them all over this atlas! I feel young and keen and stickery, all of a sudden. There are also animal stickers and stickers of famous buildings. Postcards. You will learn, whether you like it or not.

Children's Activity Atlas

There’s even a passport for you, at the start of the book. And then you travel, from continent to continent, sticking your stickers. Preferably where they belong, and not just in any old place.

This is an American book, and I must admit it felt odd to begin ‘over there.’ Usually anything atlas-y begins over here, and then darts from side to side, whereas this way we begin in the west and travel eastwards.

I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I learned another thing. It makes sense, but I don’t believe I’ve had it spelled out before. The Sahara desert is larger than the USA. Look at the right kind of map, and it will stand out. For all my staring at maps, all my life, I had missed this fact. That, and my Aussie frill-necked lizard pal.

Rhea comes twice. She can be a tango dancer (apparently), or she is a bird. Every area depicted comes with a brief fact file, giving you the longest and the largest of mountains, rivers, lakes, and so on. Old facts from school re-appeared in my memory file.

And there are the flag stickers. Let’s not forget. As it says on the cover, over 250 stickers. That should keep anyone going for a little while. I’m controlling my urges, and hope to pass this atlas and all its stickers on to a worthier sticker-person.

Like yesterday’s atlas, an excellent Christmas present which ought to keep the recipient happy and quiet for a while. (Depends on how fast they stick.)


One response to “Children’s Activity Atlas

  1. Still fighting the urge to have a go with those stickers.

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