Lunch with Kirkie

The Inn at Torbrex

I was suitably chaperoned by Daughter. It was probably not necessary, but having lunch with a charmingly hyper (it will have been the Irn-Bru) local author like Kirkland Ciccone is the kind of thing that cheers a person up. I’ve not laughed so much since earlier in the week when the Resident IT Consultant had coconut coffee in Fintry…

Oh the fun you can have in Scotland.

The Inn at Torbrex

It was bright and sunny, if rather cold, with a sharp wind, as we walked over to our nearby little village-in-town inn, where I had requested that we be seated next to the faux bookshelves (I’ve got shelves on the brain), on account of this being a bookish sort of do. They didn’t bat an eyelid. (Well, I suppose people don’t do the eyelid thing on email.)

Kirkie had the curry, and Daughter and I both played with the cheesy macaroni cheese (the kind where you have to ‘cut the strings’ somewhere, as elegantly as possible). The two young ones drank Irn-Bru, while I showed my mature years by opting for the Coke. (Finally!)

Kirkland Ciccone

We talked books. Correction. Kirkland talked about books at great length, and is the perfect companion for the chat-challenged person. I don’t remember the details any longer. Two and a half hours of bookchat tends to do that to a witch. It all blended together, somehow. Some gossip was shared, but I couldn’t possibly tell you what.

He had even dressed for me. That meant wearing his Halloween outfit.

Kirkland Ciccone

Apart from being a brand new and very enthusiastic YA author, Kirkland also has more YA stuff on his mind. He wants to mirror the YALC weekend in London in July, by organising Scotland’s own YA day, with authors from all over Scotland, and possibly from further afield. It’s not the Scottishness so much, but an event set in Scotland.

Kirkland Ciccone

I believe it’s this kind of – relatively – youthful exuberance that will work. I’m looking forward to it already. Cumbernauld, here I come!


8 responses to “Lunch with Kirkie

  1. Youthful enthusiasm counts for far more than I ever realized when I myself was young.

  2. Yes. Is it too late for us?

  3. Yes, it is far too late. *Sips Irn-Bru*

  4. PS Ann, it takes place in April. I already have the press pass in order. Did you say you wanted it to have a ribbon too? I might get myself one too. Ha ha.

  5. I could possibly recycle a lanyard from elsewhere. Unless you have a purple one. (Lanyards are expensive – for what they are – so I don’t recommend buying one.)
    My photographer is most put out.

  6. I’d say that at our age, youthful enthusiasm comes and goes, but it packs more punch when it does appear. Enthusiasm for a purple lanyard is proof of that.

  7. I can see I should have toned it down. I obviously wouldn’t mind if it was a sober black, or simply a leopard print, or something.

  8. Love his Halloween outfit and the style..a nice read.

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