Katie’s London Christmas

I’ve had the most delicious pile of blue Christmas books lying waiting for my permission to read them coming through. It’s close enough to Christmas now, and I’m allowed, so here goes:

James Mayhew (yes, him again) has a new picture book out and this time Katie and Jack are at Grandma’s when Father Christmas sneezes by. His cold is hampering his up-and-down-the-chimneys speed, so the children go with him to help out.

James Mayhew, Katie's London Christmas

The pictures are lovely! They fly all over London, taking in the sights. (If you ask me, that seems like wasting even more time, when there are children needing their presents delivered.) And London is beautiful.

They visit small house and large houses, finishing with one of the largest in town, where the corgis are plentiful and asleep under a tree that is almost as nice as mine. Asleep until Father Christmas sneezes again, and they have rather a narrow escape.

This is obviously fantasy. Some things are just not real. I mean, snow – beautiful, clean, cold snow – in the middle of London! And, actually, Father Christmas looks quite a bit like James Mayhew…



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