In the beginning

there was a trolley.


Even the most professional of Bookwitches have to start somewhere. So when my new room finally reached a move-in-able state, I wheeled the trolley in and put it in the corner. Just to see what it would look like. The idea is to put what I need to have within easy reach on it, but whether that will work is anyone’s guess.

The second item was a holey reading chair. The holes will have to be remedied. Its corner position seems fairly satisfactory, though. I can see people coming, and they can’t see me.


My desk was carried in by the Resident IT Consultant and Son, who most serendipitously had felt the urge to visit the old people this weekend. But then he was invited to dinner somewhere, so went off again, and I’m hoping more furniture can be whisked through the house today instead. In case you feel I didn’t keep up my end of moving in, I’ll have you know I carried my deskchair – also holey – in, and a couple of lights. I even plugged them in.

After that, well… A witch has to consider carefully what goes where and if there are enough powerpoints, and how to find the perfect ceiling light. One day this will be the dream Bookwitch HQ.


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