I knew that. I think

Things tend to get done when Son is around. He won’t tolerate the slow pace at which the old people do what they need to do. (I mean, I obviously didn’t get any of my other things done, but at least a fair few of the house move related jobs got tackled. Head on, at a speed to make us oldies feel giddy.)

So my lone trolley has been joined by quite a few items. No more trendy minimalism, but still acceptably nice.

Anyway, I thought while we had the whirlwind with us I’d mention my idea of setting up the old DVD-player to play R1 DVDs, while the other box takes care of the rest. Felt that with Son here it’d happen faster than if left to the Resident IT Consultant.

I mentioned this. Son asked what box I meant. I waved my hand vaguely in the right direction. He flung open the cupboard door and after a split second informed me the offending box is region free and can, and will, play anything.

It seems when it was new a few years ago he arranged this, to make our lives easier.

The thought of this fact seeped slowly through my mind and I think I can almost remember it. Shame I’d been eyeing my Man From U.N.C.L.E. DVDs as though they are from outer space for so long. To prove how right he – always – is, he played the first episode.

The situation is this: I get some very good ideas. I have my Resident IT Consultant to help make them happen. Meanwhile Son has already done what I wanted in the first place.



2 responses to “I knew that. I think

  1. Aaaah! Tell me, do you ever hire Son out? He sounds wondrously useful.

  2. I believe his going rate is £87 for 1000 words. 😉
    He’d need to be a little rude to you, which is harder with strangers. Not that you really are a stranger, of course. I suspect Dodo’s parents are getting the treatment, too. He eventually wears them down, to see things his way.
    And you know, all I was after was for him to carry my shopping home, once his size was larger than that of the shopping.

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