Mind Blind

This thriller by Lari Don just can’t end well. And in a way that’s a very good thing, because life isn’t like that. All you as the reader can hope for is ‘not too bad.’ At times I didn’t think that was going to be possible, either.

Lari Don, Mind Blind

Lucy’s sister Viv has just been murdered. While he didn’t actually kill her himself, Ciaran caused Viv’s death, and it was his family who killed her. Actually murdered her.

They seem like a bunch of psychopaths, and what they can do is read minds. That makes hiding from them or deceiving them well nigh impossible, but Ciaran tries, and he drags Lucy into this nightmare as they try to sort things out. Except things aren’t really of the sortable kind.

Very, very exciting, and the reasons behind all this cloak and dagger stuff makes for good thinking material. Sometimes you need to stop and consider the moral aspects of what people do.

This is your classical chase, but with a twist. It’s weird and dangerous, and there can be no happy ending. You still hope, though.

I’d happily read more like this.


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