Let there be light. And heat. And possibly food.

The kale quiche (I know, that’s not kale soup. I will get to the soup later) was barely started, but started enough for it to be annoying, when the lights went. And the oven and the iPod in its dock and the heater in the ‘Ice Cube’ and lots of other electrical goods. The Resident IT Consultant had phoned ahead to ask for coffee to be made, and I assumed it was the coffee-maker at fault.

2014 Christmas tree

But when he got in and had to find the torch (very conveniently placed behind a Christmas card so he couldn’t see it) and go and peer at the fuse box in the garage, it wasn’t at all clear what had happened. We had our elevenses, as the electricity went again. I said we might as well enjoy it while the drinks were hot, and we’d be in a better mood to go peer at those confusing circuits afterwards. (We have one circuit labelled immersion heater. We don’t have an immersion heater. Hardly surprising it’s not working.)

We still don’t know what is wrong or why, but we have slowly got most of our modern day essentials working (touch wood).

The funny thing was that the treelights were fine, and the further away from the kitchen you got, the more normal things were. We are the third household in the Witch clan to experience a mysterious kitchen-based electrical problem in a short period of time. I say it’s a curse.

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