The Christmas party

It was a successful party. I think. Only 20% of the guests slept through it, which might indicate we are rather scintillating company?

For the first time since 1972 I live in a town where there are relatives nearby. In fact, it was only for four years last time, and I loved it. The idea that you could see family without first travelling for a couple of hours was just great. So now that we have a few relatives in the same town, I took advantage of it and press-ganged them into coming round to Bookwitch Towers for funny foreign food.

I obviously didn’t tell them that. They discovered when they got here, and after cautious beginnings, they demolished the Temptation, and ate the beautiful French cheese (all the way from St Andrews) with a teaspoon (that’s one spoon each), as it was pretty runny by then.

The sleeping was mainly to do with the discussion of limited companies and sole traders and accountants. It’s the kind of thing this lot of relatives will talk about, unlike the ones from forty years ago. But they are all nice. Some of them offered to give the Grandmother a lift home, which spared her the – relative – indignity of being returned home in a wheelchair.

And we have food to last us a little while…


2 responses to “The Christmas party

  1. Happy Christmas, Bookwitch! May your festivities continue as cheerfully.

  2. Thank you! Although 30% are leaving town today, another 20% leaving for England tomorrow, and 10% on Tuesday, leaving a small core group (with lots of smelly cheese!).

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