Happy New Bear

We all – well, most of us – have, or have had, a bear in our lives.

In Something About a Bear Jackie Morris uses her customary fabulous art to tell the reader about bears. It’s not so much a picture book as art, really. (With a bit of reference on the side.)

On eight double spreads, Jackie introduces the reader to eight different wild bears, shown in what I take to be their natural habitats. And at the end of the book she has written eight short paragraphs of facts about these beautiful creatures.

But as she so rightly points out, we generally have a bear that is most special to us; our very own teddy bear. That is the best bear of all.

Jackie Morris, Something About a Bear

2 responses to “Happy New Bear

  1. Thank you so much for this review.
    I am struggling with three new books and ideas that spin my head like a dragon’s eye, so it’s so good to see this, that I struggled with also, receive such high praise.
    Thank you.

  2. I often think that the struggle now is an indication of a likely good result in the future, but that won’t cheer you up as you work, nor will it pay bills.
    Just know that what you do is good. I wish it would also make you rich, but I suspect that will be harder to achieve.

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