Green peace?

I’m pretty good at avoiding chuggers in town. I either ‘don’t see them’ or I get away from them as politely and quickly as possible. But with Amnesty International and Greenpeace it’s a little harder. I have been a member of both and support their work, but not to the extent that I will sign away my money in the street.

Their chuggers are generally nicer to chat to than others. That’s why last week I didn’t avoid the nice young man on the street corner, but said I only literally had a minute (dentist’s appointment), so if he could cut to the chase, please?

He tried. He really did. And he was lovely. But really, I don’t need an explanation of what Greenpeace do or be told about palm oil. If I did, I’d probably not want to give money anyway, and as I do know, we can save several minutes.

I suppose what gets to me is that I now look so old and stupid and unfashionably uncool, that I ‘need’ the explanation.

In the end I got away by promising to look their current project up online, and pointing out that I had been a member before he was born. (It’s like sex, isn’t it? The young always think they invented whatever it is, and that old people have no idea.) I even got the bath towels (no, not the t-shirt) with the rainbow lettering.

I thought of mentioning I was around when the Rainbow Warrior sunk. But that might have given the wrong impression.


3 responses to “Green peace?

  1. I haven’t heard the word chuggers before. Not that we don’t have them–but at the moment I can’t think what we call them. It must be something more concise than ‘people bearing petitions’. Or maybe that’s not quite what a chugger does? We get more people wanting you to sign something than asking for money–unless they’re asking for it for themselves, in which case we have quite a lot.

    ‘licensed charity muggers’
    They want your money, rather than your name on a petition (that’s what we seem to have emails for these days). Except for Greenpeace and Amnesty I alswys feel the chuggers don’t even have any interest at all in what they are out there talking you out of your money for.

    • Ah, charity muggers. Thanks–I wouldn’t have figured it out. In California, people get paid to get petitions signed–paid by the signature, which is why it’s kind of a pick up job in a small town with an active downtown like this one. It’s not so bad if you’re just passing through downtown occasionally, but it was super annoying to work down there and have to be hit up for various things every single time I walked out the door of the bookstore.

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