A wee bit woolly

I went to warm up my feet the other day. My intention was to buy wool for more warm socks. Our new home town is that strange creature; a town with a wool shop, which not only exists, but which is large and well stocked.

I’d been before, at which point I’d made a mistake, so this time I wanted to make sure I didn’t make the same one again. Under my breath I muttered the words ‘I want 4 ply’ and ‘4 ply is thinner than double knitting.’ I mean, how illogical is it that the number four is thinner than something that implies two whatsits?

So last time I got the DK wool. It was wrong. I almost bought more DK this time, despite my mutterings. It just cries out and wants to be bought, does DK.

I wanted pink 4 ply. It was hard to find all wool pink 4 ply. Pink is for babies. Not my feet. And babies do not want all wool. Itchy. So I went to assistant and asked. He was a he, and fairly young. He immediately found me a female helper. She in turn had to ask someone one else.

The wool she pointed me to was a mix, so I said I was looking for wool. ‘Oh, as in all wool?’ she asked. That’s when I realised that wool* to her mind didn’t mean a yarn 100% from a sheep. It simply meant yarn. Could be acrylic, or cotton, or whatever. And once we’d established that, it was easier to work out there was very little 100% ex-sheep yarn in pink. Unless DK, obviously.

But I did find one I liked, and then it dawned on me that I had made three people work hard at helping me, and I was intending to buy only one ball of wool…

I’ll work out a script next time. Probably also get a label that says ‘No DK!’ to stick on my forehead.

*In Swedish we say ‘ull’ for the sheep product, and ‘garn’ for yarn. I can’t help it if it’s all wool here! Except when it isn’t.


One response to “A wee bit woolly

  1. Making wool socks are so time consuming. They are the first thing I learned to knit – talk about starting with the hard stuff. Now I just buy SmartWool socks – save myself alot of trouble and they wick so well and can’t beat them for warmth.

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