So what are you doing in the way of New Year’s resolutions? Losing weight? Going to the gym (more often)?

I know I should. But I’m so mature I know there is no point in resoluting. Still hope that one day I will surprise myself – in a positive way.

Starting a blog feels a funny* NY resolution, but I suspect it’s a fairly common one. And once people have done this, they look for other blogs to follow. Like this excellent one I’ve heard so much about; Bookwitch.

Every day my inbox tells me about more new followers. As I delete the messages I catch a glimpse of who they are. Or at least, seem to be, judging by their blogging names and the sample blog posts these emails list.

What strikes me is how little we appear to have in common. But then I don’t suppose ‘my biggest fans’ need to be into books at all. Exercise and diet and religion and philosophy is fine. Nice to meet you!

There could, of course, be an ulterior motive for the followings. The belief, or hope, that they will become visible here and will automatically gain my readers (which I reckon would only work if we are quite similar) for their own. Or that I will reciprocate. I know, somewhere in blogging etiquette it says you should. But with every Tom, Dick and Harry having New Year’s resolutions, politeness has to take a step back. I barely have time to follow my old favourites.

If it’s a good blog, I hope it works better than the diet. Or the jogging.

*By that I mean that it’s as though blogging is something you do because it’d be good for you. Not for fun, or to satisfy some urge to write. It has been fun for me, which is more than you can say for the diets.

One response to “Resolutions

  1. Yes, my only motive in coming here is to try and promote my blog. Because we are not alike at all.

    Well, except in the many ways we are.

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