Noah’s Ark

This beautiful pop-up book by Francesca Crespi would have made for the perfect Christmas present (except I ran out of review time in the run-up to the big day). But if – like me – you have a birthday child in January, now is good too. And if you haven’t, I have to say that any day would be a good day.

I don’t often see pop-up books these days, so that might be why I feel a bit excited. It was always such a treat to ‘read’ one to Offspring back in the day. You could open up those pages so many times, and it never got boring. The main threat was always that the popping-up aspect would die a violent death at some point.

Francesca Crespi, Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark begins with God despairing over the ways of the world, and that is still far too true. So Noah builds a boat (there’s even a ‘working’ saw!). And then he collects the animals.

And it rains. It rains some more. When it’s finally dry, the ark has run aground and is sitting on top of a mountain. After which they all live happily ever after.

(Although, I reckon the time has come for some more ark-building…)


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