I’ll say this; there was an awful lot of list left at the end of Friday. At the end of the whole week, in actual fact. Things on my to-do-list kept getting carried over to the next day. And the next.

I did things for other people, which I suppose was nice of me. Other people being Offspring. They both had need of proof reading, and luckily for them, I had finished one by the time the other came along with his request. Only by half an hour or so, but at least it wasn’t simultaneous proofing.

And what they had really needed proof reading. Not saying it was bad, what they had produced. On the contrary. It was pretty good, which is why you definitely need that last bit of making it’s into its and segregating the affects from the effects. Making sure the year is 2015, or people will have turned up last year.

One was easier to read than the other, but I persevered with the difficult one as well. The words were mostly normal, but put together in such a way that it wasn’t completely obvious – to me – what they were saying. There were wobbles. And jitters. Those were the folksiest of the descriptions.

The easier one was read by both me and the Resident IT Consultant. We compared notes at the end of it, and interestingly enough, except for one overlap, each had found different mistakes.

If I can let Friday count as the end of my – working – week, I finished off by assisting with an application. The old-fashioned kind; not an app (which I still have trouble getting my head round). I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. I find my eyes are more comfortable when they are closed, but it does make accidental snoozes more likely.

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