Preserving books

Much to the bemusement of the decorator, we started making marmalade when he was here to paint Son’s bedroom. Pardon, I mean the library. I’ve come to the conclusion that Son and any other over-night visitors we may have, will be sleeping in the library. Not at the same time, naturally.

I think we’re past the stage where we put books into Son’s room. It will have to be a library of sorts, in which one can also put sleepers. Dusty, perhaps, but with plenty to keep an insomniac company.

Where was I? Yes, we were making marmalade. And by that I mean that I chop citrus fruit until I’m blue in the face, while the Resident IT Consultant puts the largest cauldron on the hob and boils Seville oranges and lemons for hours on end.

I reckon it was this that struck the decorator as odd. If he eats marmalade, he gets it out of a bought jar. I feel it’s odd that in all his visits to people’s homes – and in his job he makes a lot of house calls – that he hasn’t come across more preserving going on.

So he asked lots of questions on the how and the what, and a little on the why.

‘We’ make two kinds. The marmalade with loads of peel in it for the Resident IT Consultant. And the – nicely bitter flavoured – jelly for the peel-hating witch. Although, I have to admit to occasionally scraping a peel-free spoonful out of his marmalade jar, because it does have a very good flavour.

I sent the Resident IT Consultant out for some last Sevilles yesterday, and he panicked because they were coming to an end, and he had to go to one more supermarket in his search. But we should be all right now.

Just wish I’d hung on to more of my empty jars in the move. I used to have a very nice jar collection…

The marmalade books


2 responses to “Preserving books

  1. I’ve never made marmalade before; I assume unless you live on a orange farm it would be costly. Do you bother to separate the pith from the rine or do you just toss it all in?

    I HAVE made mixed jam’s before – but that was because I bought the fruit and it just ends up sitting.

  2. Bear, you buy the oranges (marmalade ones), lemons if you wish, and sugar. Then you make (might be wise to have a recipe, though). Far cheaper, not to mention nicer, than bought marmalade. Everything goes in (except for pips).

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