White interval

Apologies for the interruption to blog services. We’ve been a little busy here at Bookwitch Towers.

We started to put stuff into the guest room-cum-library, but as you can see we didn’t get very far. Although, I am a firm believer in starting modestly, and then the rest will ‘simply happen of its own accord.’

Might-be library

Putting white bookshelves (do you remember how long ago it was I painted them?) into a white room can cause a bit of snow-blindness. It’s a north-facing room, so needs all the help it can get. One of the first things the Resident IT Consultant did after we moved in, was to chop down the enormous cypress that covered half the window. And now we have seen off the last of the maroon curtains, the raspberry coloured feature wall and the blue carpet.

Yes, it will need a few more shelves, not to mention books. I suppose that’s what we will be doing today. (Some people would even go so far as to say the room needs some colour…)


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