Read, witch, read!

A most unexpected thing has happened. My blog admin was left by the wayside all week (no, that’s not the unexpected thing), what with me being out more than I was in. And as always happens when my attention is elsewhere, books flowed in. On Saturday morning I decided that since I was sitting down anyway (so very restful, after my week of Edinburgh ‘hills’ that had to be walked up, or down), I might as well prune the newcomers. That way I would at least get my bed back, as I had had to hoist the pile on and off it every day.

In my mind I arranged where the must-reads would go and where the rejects. The must-read pile grew. By the end of all twelve new books – six picture books and six ‘real’ books 😉 – I discovered they were all in the one and only pile.

Twelve books

Not sure that has ever happened before, that I’ve not managed to steel my heart against at least one book, even if it’s a reissue of something previously read.

This is a really weird feeling.

Sorry, I just felt like sharing it with you.


3 responses to “Read, witch, read!

  1. Weird but good, right? That’s what I felt when I got my Bouchercon book bag this fall. Everything had potential. So far I’ve only read one from it, but that’s partly due to having picked up others from the conference on my own.

  2. Sort of good. I feel like the facebook friend who has just discovered she is almost not interested in chocolate any more. A kind of ‘what’s wrong with me?’ feeling.
    You had to mention Bouchercon? That makes me so jealous.

  3. I’ve only been once and that’s because it was in California this year. But I really hope you get to go at some point.

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