Through the cereal box

Well, it was a bit of a disappointment, even for those of us with sunshine, wasn’t it? I’m talking about the eclipse on Friday morning, which I had forgotten all about until I stumbled out of bed, having finally caught up on sleep. ‘Come and see the sun’ said the Resident IT Consultant.

So I did. He sat there in the sunny front room, holding two bits of former Weetabix box, waving them at me. I admired the baby crescent-shaped sun on the second Weetabix board, as the sun shone through the first bit of cardboard.

I went for my yoghurt and bran flakes, sitting down in our north facing ice cube, which was surprisingly warm. I thought I might remain there, as it seemed a good place from where not to accidentally stare at the sun, although it is always sunny even on that side of the house [when there are no clouds in the way].

But I popped back for some more Weetabix crescent just to see which side was best. And back to the ice cube. It got a little bit darker, yes, but to my mind it was still full daylight. And in the ice cube I didn’t have to listen to Brian Cox waffling on the television, or stare at the disappointed Australians who’d travelled to the Faroes, only to be faced with clouds.

OK, it was more exciting than in 1999, when we were on a Yorkshire walking holiday. Afterwards no one was sure what – if anything – had happened at all. These eclipses are overrated. But the Resident IT Consultant’s crescent had shifted to the other side, which I suppose was something.

Eclipse in St Andrews

I stole the above photo from my own Offspring, and it’s not rubbish. But it stands to reason the eclipse would look better right outside the Astronomy department of a renowned university, doesn’t it?


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