Goings-on in the Scottish book world

I’ve mentioned before how much I appreciate the work of Scottish Book Trust, and how well they keep me informed of what’s happening in Scotland. I don’t always share with you their full press releases, but I’m going to make an exception here, as I found the following most interesting:


Scottish Book Trust has today (1st April 2015) announced that its planned documentary, Between the Covers, has been cancelled.

The programme, filmed on location at the Trust’s offices off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and due to be premiered on British television next week, was set to be a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the literature promotion business and the charismatic characters found within.

Though an exact reason for the cancellation of the programme has not been forthcoming from the production agency, Scottish Book Trust would like to make clear that rumours that staff were deemed to spend ‘too much time reading’ and were ‘far too introverted’ and ‘bookish’ for television are unfounded.

Reports that a month of fly-on-the-wall filming only yielded 15 minutes of useable footage, including one staff member picking their nose and a minor fracas over three Garibaldi following the office’s bi-weekly ‘biscuit run’, are also categorically untrue.

Andrew McLaughton, President of Real Scotlives TV, the production company behind classic docusoap Hebridean Vets: After Hours, said:

“Whilst we’re incredibly disappointed with today’s announcement, we have a commitment to provide viewers with entertaining, educational content and it was felt that the programme fell far short of our own broadcasting guidelines. The language used during the Biscuit Incident was deemed to be far too coarse to be shown pre-watershed. We do hope to work with Scottish Book Trust in the future, perhaps on a series of food vlogs.”

Chris Leslie, Schools Resource Developer at Scottish Book Trust, said:

“It’s a shame it was cancelled. I was the one who came up with the title. People click on things if they think it’s going to be sexy. Fact.”

PHOTOS: Though no footage stills are available for publication, x-rays of the Marketing Manager’s broken metatarsal and a doctor’s report concerning the removal of a Custard Cream from a staff member’s nasal cavity can be obtained by emailing…

Well, never mind that. The Grandmother has told me how fond of their biscuits the Scots are, and now I see what she meant. I quite like a good Custard Cream myself, actually.


3 responses to “Goings-on in the Scottish book world

  1. V. Kathryn Evans

    Genius! Absolute genius 🙂

  2. Whatever do you mean? 😉

  3. And I found this on their website:
    ‘Scottish Book Trust’s Biscuit Club is funded through an honesty box system. The standard of biscuits bought is reliant on staff members adding money commensurate with biscuits eaten.’

    They didn’t put that in the press release I got…

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