On withered carrots

Can you just imagine the sadness of writing a story with the title The Withered Carrot? No?

Well, our next Easter rabbit has done just that. Poor little Fuzz McFlops is a famous rabbit-writer, but he is rather depressed, so mainly produces sad stuff. One of his ears is shorter than the other and it has always caused him much anguish.

But all of a sudden he gets fan mail from someone who claims to both like what he writes, and who comes up with suggestions for improving the writing as well, which makes Fuzz very angry. And then – partly because this makes his short ear feels funny – he thinks that maybe there is something in these letters after all.

Eva Furnari, Fuzz McFlops

Romance, dear reader. After some correspondence, Fuzz meets up with his fan Charlotte. She’s very nice, and not at all beautiful.

And you know, there is love, and no more withered carrots. Very sweet.

(Translated from Portuguese by Alison Entrekin. We may not have heard of Eva Furnari before, but she’s big in Brazil.)


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