Full circle

Five years on, Candy Gourlay and I were back where we started. No, not on Facebook. At Carluccio’s St Pancras. When thinking about what we might do – briefly – before I got on my northbound broomstick, I realised that we could finally have some more of the coffee ice cream we have reminisced about over the years. We both like it, and we both eat it sometimes, but never together.

I got there early, and was sitting reading, completely engrossed in Lucy Coats’s Cleo, when I realised someone was standing there, staring at me. But I suppose it’s fairly suitable to be found nose down in a book when you have a brunch date with an author.

And over my poached eggs we discussed lots of publishing stuff and books and writers. None of which I’ll tell you about. Children. Interior decorating. How to stay warm in our old age. Yes, really. Actually Candy believes she’s already too old, which doesn’t leave much hope for me. But we agreed that you need to have lived before you can write worthwhile stuff.

After the eggs, and the coffee ice cream, Candy accompanied me across the road to the other station, the one with a perennial queue for platform 9 3/4, but I said there was no reason for her to wait with me. I promised to leave town even if not escorted, and I did so by following the sudden stampede towards platform 4, once the Aberdeen train had been announced.

It’s good to have gone to London, but better still to get home again. I’m too old for all this big city life, seeing lots of people in crowds. I’ll have to set up meetings with people one at a time in future. If anyone ever wants to see me…

(The recipe for the coffee cheesecake will, possibly, turn up some time if I don’t forget.)

6 responses to “Full circle

  1. I went to Washington DC this last week for my nephew’s graduation, and though I didn’t feel too old for it, and definitely wasn’t cold, I did think a bit about how long all this travel stuff could keep up. Hobbling along after the young people wasn’t the easiest, but on the other hand, I did a lot more than I would have left to my own devices, so that’s something to consider. The worst crowd scene that I came upon was the bus back to my house once I had reached Santa Cruz, and that was mainly because I was too old to be enthusiastic about the high pitched sounds of joyful youth.

  2. Please please do not forget to tag me when you do find the time to share the coffee cheesecake recipe. I mean, come on. It’s coffee AND cheese. There’s nothing better than that!

    PS: I hope you don’t mind if I steal a bit of your time and ask you to fill out this survey. http://ohcarlaloo.com/2015/05/06/got-time-for-a-survey-and-some-20/ It’s for my grad school thesis on travel accommodations, particularly on hostels. I wouldn’t really ask, I know it’s an imposition but I have to gather responses from non-Filipinos and well, I could really use your help. I promise it won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Thank you very much! 🙂

  3. Well it was lovely to see you in real space! The coffee ice cream was really good. And so was the chat! (coffee cheesecake recipe please, I will get my baking son to make one for me! )

  4. odetteelliott6

    Can you put me down on your list of “people to see one at a time”? I live in London and can reach any station/venue. Also my daughter lives near Edinburgh and we visit from time to time. I enjoy your blog. I am a writer, although not in the famous bracket of most authors you meet. My brother and all his family live in Sollentuna.

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