I was going to waffle a wee bit about yet another CrimeFest I’m not actually at. (And half glad I’m not, because of that ‘new-ish’ intolerance to travel and crowds.) The main reason I would have wanted to be there was to hear Maj Sjöwall. But we can’t have everything.

Andreas Norman, Into A Raging Blaze

But you’ll be spared the waffling, because the only other comment I have to make about this Bristol weekend gathering of professional killers – who according to Stuart Neville ‘are generally friendly’ – is that they announced the shortlist for the CWA International Dagger on Friday evening. And they’ve had the good taste to include Into a Raging Blaze by Andreas Norman, mostly famous around these parts for having been translated ‘in-house’ by Son of Bookwitch.

I’m actually reasonably proud.

And in the Short Story Dagger, the aforementioned Stuart Neville has been shortlisted for his contribution to the Oxcrimes anthology with Juror 8, which was my favourite. Well done, there too.

May both my favourites win.

4 responses to “CrimeFest

  1. It’s funny that my friend Peter Rozovsky has made it over to Bristol and has just reported on attending Maj Sjöwall’s interview. Sounds like he will be writing more about what she said. Under the influence of a knowledgeable friend, I read all of the Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö series back in the early days of my time at the bookstore, and really enjoyed them, but it is probably time to read them all again.

  2. Just checked to see what Peter is up to. I told him about Marnie Riches and her book, so hopefully they met.
    My son is actually giving a paper on one of the Sjöwall Wahlöö books in Canada next month, so he has walked away with all ten of ours.

  3. Son of Bookwitch does get around, doesn’t he? As does Stuart Neville.
    I am not so fond of travel myself anymore, although I generally have a good time once I get somewhere.

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