Sixteen String Jack

There was a launch of Sixteen String Jack and the Garden of Adventure at Moat Brae House this week. The garden at Moat Brae was the one that inspired J M Barrie to write Peter Pan, after he used to play with the boys who lived there.

Plans to create a new Neverland Garden at Moat Brae, in Dumfries, are part of a bigger scheme to have a National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling, where children will be able to come and play in Peter Pan’s garden. Joanna Lumley is Patron of the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust, and she’s excited by the new book, which will hopefully help them raise the necessary funds.

Tom Pow and Ian Andrew, Sixteen String Jack

The book by Tom Pow and illustrator Ian Andrew is set in the garden as it is now. Daisy has come with her grandmother, who tells her the stories she used to hear from her grandmother, who was a maid in the house at the time J M Barrie came to play. Maybe. She’s fictional, but this picture book shows how child’s play might have influenced the creator of Peter Pan, all those years ago.

It sounds like a nice place to visit, so if I ever get down to Dumfries…

(Open this weekend.)


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