That’s ook

‘Ook, what’s that?’ asked Daughter when she received my text message. ‘It’s what you get when the car shakes a bit as you try and say ok,’ I replied.

She was ook with that. And I felt it looked fun, so we continued using ook in writing, whether texting or Skyping or emailing. It’s quite nice to add a new word to the language.

A year on, and I find my new phone doesn’t automatically learn new words even if I use them repeatedly, so I’ve ooked a little less recently. But that’s ook, too.

Then, on our arrival at the end of the ferry queue at Helsingør, we found ourselves waiting behind a car with the registration plate OOK, which was anything but ook. The two young men got out for a smoke ‘while they waited’ and started taking photos of the water and Helsingborg across it.

What they didn’t do was notice that the queue was moving and they were now first in line and we were still behind them. Eventually they woke up to the fact that the world was waiting and they jumped in and got the engine going.

After that we didn’t encounter them until the motorway on the other side, when we found ourselves behind the dusty OOK car again. It was ook, though, as they soon sped off, and we haven’t seen them since.


2 responses to “That’s ook

  1. Linda Lawlor

    And, of course, the Librarian at Unseen University has been known to say it on occasion!

  2. Oh, didn’t think of that…

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