2015 in Charlotte Square

Will there be enough of me? I don’t mean mass as such (which you well know there is plenty of), but energy, and determination? I have learned to look at any new programme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival with caution. None of this immediate euphoria over a fantastic line-up of authors, with no questions asked.

When the programme went public yesterday I threw myself over the pdf – and Daughter sat next to me with her own pdf programme – to see who was coming. The resident IT Consultant said it sounded like a game of Mornington Crescent, the way names were lobbed into the middle of the room.

If it was, I don’t know who won.

I already know who I won’t be seeing, as I’ve not planned to be ‘at home’ for the first four days. So, sorry to ‘beastly ‘ Guy Bass, Lari Don, Cathy Forde and Sally Gardner. I won’t go green with Frank Cottrell Boyce or imagine anything with Cathy Cassidy. No Silver Skin with Joan Lennon, and absolutely no saving the planet with Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith. Or the name is Cole, Steve Cole.

I might have to cry.

Debi Gliori - Edinburgh International Book Festival

However, I should be able to see Hilary McKay in action for the first time! Debi Gliori is Illustrator in Residence this year, so can hopefully be found almost ‘at all times.’ Michael Grant is back (I think he likes us) and so is Philip Ardagh and Sarah McIntyre and Elen Caldecott.

Tim Bowler is appearing with Sam Hepburn, which is a definite yippee, and Patrick Ness should be good. Allan Burnett will talk history, and Roy Gill and Paul Magrs have their own worlds to discuss. Teenage stress with Nicola Morgan will be great. (You know what I mean.)

Joe Friedman, Oliver Jeffers and Eoin Colfer are also coming (and so far I’ve not checked who will clash with whom, thereby making my plans impossible…) Liz Kessler and Tom Palmer, Darren Shan and Derek Landy are all going to tempt me. The new children’s laureate will compete with Andy Mulligan (timewise; not in any kind of fight), and Phil Earle and Jenny Valentine bring up the rear, so to speak.

I also believe there will be a few adult authors doing talks over the 2+ weeks. But – for me – the children’s authors rule. Always.


9 responses to “2015 in Charlotte Square

  1. Hurray! I have yet to trawl through, so thank you for the tips! Hilary McKay just leaped to the top of my list. Hope to see you there!

  2. The programme is FANTASTIC.

    • I suppose you are in it?

      • I’m afraid not, Ann. I’m part of the Baillie Gifford Schools Programme. Because it’s my first time at the festival, being part of the Schools Programme will (in theory) guarantee me an audience. Cross your witchy fingers and wish me luck! I’m so excited about the lineup this year…not just as a participant but as a member of the public.

  3. I suffer from the problem that the first weekend clashes with my daughter’s Guide camp (her problem, really, not mine) and then school is back so only weekends are possible for her after that as we live in Aberdeen. No Neil Gaiman this year but yippee for Chris Riddell! She’s an immense fan of Chris.

  4. Aren’t we all? Hope you make it to see him.
    Children’s activities do have a tendency to get in the way. One year we had to wait until Space School was over. The next year I didn’t bother (to wait) and went on ahead.

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