It is ‘måndag’ today. That means moonday, which the English language appears to have shortened to Monday.


This here is the moon above Bookwitch Towers. You may well have one of your own, where you are.

The Resident IT Consultant, Daughter and I have been watching From the Earth to the Moon again, which is something you just can’t watch enough. At least if you are as weird as we are.

(I will slowly work my way to better blog posts. Writing is a good healer. The main problem I have is a complete lack of time for almost everything I usually do. But I miss you.)


3 responses to “Moonday

  1. I agree with your statement that writing is healing. Writing is a solid therapy. It helps you purge all the negative rants and the positive vibes and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

  2. That’s my moon too!

  3. I was afraid of that. But I can share.

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