‘My’ book

Children's Media Yearbook 2015 - Terry PratchettWell, a bit. You may well not have heard of the Children’s Media Yearbook. I hadn’t either, but when I was asked to write a Farewell to Terry Pratchett I obviously had to do it. The Children’s Media Foundation – the leading UK advocacy body for quality and choice in children’s media – publish a yearbook to inform and stimulate debate across the issues that are relevant to children’s media. And clearly they needed me for this.

Children's Media Yearbook 2015

Lynn Whitaker who edited the book, wanted to use a reworked version of my first Terry Pratchett interview, so that’s what she got. The first, with extra bits and snippets from the second. So, you will have read most of the text already.

And then I went and owned up to having stolen Chris Riddell’s cartoon of Terry and Death, simply because I felt it would be the perfect illustration to go with my piece. As I’ve already hinted, Chris agreed, which was very kind of him.

Children's Media Yearbook 2015 - Terry Pratchett by Chris Riddell

So here I am in the company of two of the greats. My copy of the book arrived just as we were in the grips of Death at Bookwitch Towers, which is why I had to share it with you right now.


8 responses to “‘My’ book

  1. V. Kathryn Evans

    How lovely, such a testiment to your blog

  2. Congratulations… how does one get a copy?

    • According to Lynn it should be on Amazon. So far I can only see the previous years, but maybe it will turn up. Also supposedly on childrensmediafoundation.org, but once again I found nothing, as it’s under construction. Apparently.

  3. Linda Lawlor

    What Candy said!

  4. Penny Dolan

    No, I had never heard of this book either – and such a deserved compliment to be there in print yourself alongside those two names,even at such a sad time.

  5. Thank you!
    I will have to find out.

  6. Lucky you! I miss him more than I’ve missed any other public figure who has passed away during my lifetime. He was such a treasure.

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