Another old book

The Brother-in-law was here for a few days last weekend. It was good to see him, even though the reason he dashed over from Massachusetts was a sad one.

He swiftly dealt with another of the Grandmother’s books I’d been hoping to give the chop to. Along with yesterday’s book, there was this old, red, slightly broken, volume called The Rainy Day Book. He wanted it.

There were also a couple of paintings and some photos he wanted as mementoes.

And then he – most kindly – relieved us of the Kremlin thermometer. He seemed to think I could barely wait to take it home with me, but I suggested that if he wanted it, he’d could take it there and then. Seems it brought fond memories of when his pesky older brother went on a school trip to Moscow, and not only was gone for a while, but brought home this, erm, charming thermometer.

There is no accounting for taste.


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