Demon Road

Derek Landy’s new series has quite a few things in common with Skulduggery Pleasant. We have another young girl going travelling with a to her hitherto unknown man. Both girls have special ‘skills’ as do the men. Both men drive ‘interesting’ cars. There is a lot of violence and fighting, blood and death. They move in circles that are not for the rest of us, among strange peoples.

Derek Landy, Demon Road

Demon Road is, dare I say it, bloodier. I lost track of the body count, but I’d say more people died in Demon Road. Or maybe not. Set in America, we first meet 16-year-old Amber at her Florida school. She is unusually fat and friendless for a heroine, which I heartily approve of. And when her perfect parents try to kill her, everything changes. As it would.

Amber obviously has to escape. Hence the road trip with Milo in his car. Plus the gormless Glen, who’s from Ireland. Demon Road does what it says on the cover. Plenty of demons and plenty of those other kinds of dangerous creatures you have come to expect in YA books. Blood features a lot. Almost too much, but who am I to say?

I like road trips and car chases and mysteries. I haven’t yet solved what’s going on here. I’m still trying to digest all that blood, in a manner of speaking. Not sure how many books there will be; whether Amber’s troubles will be relatively shortlived or if countless complications will set in at every opportunity.

We’ll need some replacement characters in book two.


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