The stool

I have a little stool. It’s only a pine Ikea stool, which has a past as a car and a train and all sorts of things, and is now rather dirty and worn. One day I will paint it or stain it and make it look as good as new again.

Because I need it. I’m short, and many things I need in my room or around the house are a little further north than is comfortable. So to have an ex-train which is easy to carry where it is needed, is excellent.

Except, my room also has far too few surfaces on which to put the incoming books. The ordinary sized books will find themselves reshelved to some temporary place fairly quickly. After all, if I left them on the bed I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

But those picture books… They are large and heavy and when a few of them get together, they are larger and heavier still. They are also harder to put somewhere else when sleep beckons. So they go and sit on the little stool, which handily stands just there, and has the necessary surface on which to put large books.

This means I no longer have that useful tool the stool to get me closer to all those other things I need.

I wonder if two stools would be the answer?


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