Our GP has an online system for requests for repeat prescriptions. It could be better, and in fact, it was better before they ‘improved’ it a few months ago.

The medicine is already listed online, so you only need to tick a box. Before, you could also scroll down a list of all the local pharmacies (there aren’t that many) and tick the one where you wanted to pick up your medicine.

The improved way is you simply write it in the box. Simple, as long as you can remember what it’s called. Even the Resident IT Consultant, whose job it is to go and get it, can barely remember.

So each time we have to look it up. (I know I have made a note somewhere to remind me, but I can’t remember where it is.) What I do know is that I want to call it Gilderoy & Lockhart. I suppose it’s sort of literary.

That’s not their name, however. It’s a little bit the same, though, and both versions have an ampersand. Which the online ordering system can’t support…


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