Birthday Meg

Happy Birthday to my fairy blogmother, Meg Rosoff!

Won’t mention which birthday, although I suppose it’s a look-up-able fact. But we are both 29 forever and have never been better. And all that.

Meg has even grown up so much that she has written a so-called ‘real’ book. You know, one for adults. I’m looking forward to it. And I obviously do not believe what I just said; that you work towards writing for adults. Some of Meg’s novels have been labelled adult books in the US, so she might already be quite grown-up.

The young witch and Meg Rosoff

So much has happened in the eleven years since the publication of How I Live Now, the best book in the world. I can still remember a time when I hadn’t read it, and also reading the blurb in the Guardian that first time, and later on starting to read HILN, thinking it was set in WWI and being surprised they had mobile phones back then.

Let’s hit the cake!


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