A fake rest

I must be crazy.

The local paper featured a few nice looking interior design items, and as the addict I am, I looked. The desk (Ikea) was nice enough, but I don’t need a new desk.

So I looked at the intriguing pile of books instead. Of course I did. Because I need more books to fill my home with. Especially fake ones. That’s what I’d found; a stool-cum-occasional table made to look like a pile of books. Apparently it’s cardboard. Apparently it will take 200 kg, so would even tolerate me…

I quickly came to the conclusion that if I want to sit on a pile of books, though, that I have plenty of the real thing, and I can simply pile them attractively somewhere and sit down. Or maybe not. I suppose they could potentially collapse. Glue them together? But then you can neither read them nor move them afterwards.

The fake book stool comes from a company where it seems you can have almost any fake cardboard stool you like. I am quite taken with the well travelled trunk, too. And unlike the real deal it will take apart after sitting, so not as crazy as I first thought.


3 responses to “A fake rest

  1. V. Kathryn Evans

    Yo won’t be able to make your own out of books. You won’t be able to ruin the books. I’ve tried making book clocks and couldn’t bring myself to glue the pages together – in the end I had to scout junk shops for books already ruined!

  2. V. Kathryn Evans

    Yo? Honestly…you!

  3. Yo!
    I once blogged about when Daughter’s art teacher told them to buy an old book to ruin it. I found it hard to deal with.

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